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Magpie Archer -SPEEDPAINT- by TheGirlWhoLivesHere
Magpie Archer -SPEEDPAINT-
A couple of years ago I painted this :
and I felt like the design needed some updating ^-^ so I redrew the character:
I'm pretty pleased with my improvement :3

This time, to cut down the length of the video, I only included the colouring part, let me know what you think of this!

More of my work:thegirlwholiveshere.deviantart…
Previous Speedpaint: (mlp oc)…

I'm holding a competition on my adoptables account, only 2 weeks left!

Follow me on fb!…

:iconrockbat: :iconshavannahsouth:
CONTEST TIME! I have a Contest going on my other Account! check it out! .:CONTEST-1 month left-:. DTW - Kingfisher Angel by AdoptablesLiveHere .:CONTEST-1 month left-:. DTW - Kingfisher Angel by AdoptablesLiveHere
My Little Pony OC CharSheet - Star Scout by TheGirlWhoLivesHere
My Little Pony OC CharSheet - Star Scout
Well this is 7000 years late ^-^ but I actually finished it. My mlp OC Star Scout.
Her design is based of a magpie, (and there's a link to star gazing because magpies love shiny things) which was quite tricky because the two "no-no" colours of MLP are black and white ^-^'' so I tried my best to make it more charcoal with green highlights, and off-white with purple low-light. (some times when magpies' wings reflect the light they go either blue of green, so I picked green) This is also super hard, because I'm trying to find the right balance between my style and mlp style. Haha each drawing of Star looks different from the last, but hopefully I'll have a style nailed if draw enough ponies.
Her cutie mark is a black and white telescope with a white star above and below.

Star Scout is a Pegasus, and loves star gazing and astronomy. She lives in Cloudsdale where she has her own balcony and telescope, but often visits the ground to be with her friends, Lily Pad (character sheet to come), Summer Rose :iconshavannahsouth: and Early Bird :iconrockbat:.
Star Scout comes from a large, but not so tight nit, family. She loves her parents and her brothers and sister, but was thrilled when she got her own place, her own bedroom and her own telescope.
Growing up Star Scout was an absolute loner and had just one friend, Lily Pad. Star was most often oblivious to what was happening around her, and Lily stood up for Star a couple of times when she needed it and the two were inseparable. Lily, upon discovering her talent was with water plants, started spending a lot of time on the ground. This is how Star became introduced to the other two ponies, Summer Rose - a fellow plant enthusiast like Lily, and Early, Summer's friend.

In most ways she is very docile and quiet, except for her ferocious curiosity. She can often seem abrupt and difficult to talk to, talking in choppy sentences and often losing concentration on the subject.
"Hm, what? Yeah, sure... Has your mane always been that colour?"
.:SPEEDPAINT VIDEO:. Fusion Bloodstone Gemsona by TheGirlWhoLivesHere
.:SPEEDPAINT VIDEO:. Fusion Bloodstone Gemsona

Bloodstone is a fusion of Beryl ( )and Morganite ( )
I wanted to encorperate the idea that this is a very unstable fusion - and bloodstone was just perfect for that.
Also I wanted it to seem like Morganite was trying to hold this thing together, she's the only one with any dicipline - this is one powerful angry gem, who while more diciplined than Beryl is sure to cause more destruction.
Bloodstone - i.e. a very bad idea.
Speedpaint:: (TO BE UPLOADED)
Gemsona Stat Sheet provided by:

Beryl’s design :iconrockbat:



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Susie Farmbrough
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United Kingdom

Check out my Youtube of Speedpaints/process videos!…
Also check out my baby adoptable account :3
totally made a facebook page
But this is my hobby page.... stuff I do not connected to uni... a lot of fan art basically ^^'
All I really want is a consistent style *sigh*
I have ambitions to become a comic artist or a storyboard artist!

((But I also want to do lots of art-department jobs like dressing and standby, I'd just really miss drawing characters...))
thanks =^.^=

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